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Generator Series - Goliath

The series Chlorine Dioxide generation systemsGoliath have the very best in process automation and control systems. Built in materials suitable for Chlorine Dioxide, it presents high reliability and precision in the production and application of the product. 
  • It operates through two chemical inputs OXyMAX 25Plus™ and OXyMAX 15™;

  • Reaction occurs in a controlled environment, monitored by a control panel;

  • Power supply 220 V 50/60 Hz;

  • programmable HMI;

  • Production capacity of up to 10 kg/h (larger capacities consult on demand);

  • Wall or Skid Mounted;

  • Equipment operates at atmospheric pressure or vacuum;

  • Temperature Range: +5 °C.......+40 °C

      Reactor and valves in PVDF or CPVC.

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