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About OXyMAX

Our company was created with the aim of bringing to the market the most modern in terms of generation and application of high-performance oxidants. We have been working with Chlorine Dioxide for more than a decade, developing stabilized forms of the product, safe and operational generation systems, and forms and applications that stand out for their effectiveness and that provide savings to our partners.
Our company
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Built on the experience of decades of application and product development,OXyMAXemerges as a company for the development, production and marketing of high-performance oxidation systems. 

For critical processes, where  application reliability is needed, contact us. We will be delighted to make this contact the beginning of a partnership.


Our concern for safety begins in the development of our products and equipment. We seek to offer our partners solutions that increase the security of their internal processes and at the same time bring yield gains. 

We have a highly qualified technical staff to assist our partners in the installation, application and maintenance phases of dosing systems, or even in the application of products in a stabilized form.

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Through high-performance products and services, our goal is to become a market reference in the development, production, commercialization and application of Chlorine Dioxide. 

Environment and Sustainability

Our main application niche is water treatment. Whether it is for human consumption, raw material or used in industrial processes. In doing so, we help conserve an increasingly scarce and essential resource for life.

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